About us


Zatini jewellery is inspired by nature, with organic forms resonating throughout the collection. The use of natural wood and resin give a simple earthy appeal, highlighted by gorgeous colours in natural hues.

Zatini's contemporary designs have become every day favourites that are easy to wear and affordable. Our statement jewellery is bold enough to take centre stage in an ensemble. The injection of quirky and abstract pieces give Zatini a very diverse collection.

The creative talents behind Zatini are sisters with a passion for design and fashion. We take our inspirations from the Australian countryside we grew up in and the cities we now live in, the natural beauty of the earth, the traveling we all love to do and, each other. Since 2003 we have collectively formed the distinctive Zatini style.

Promoting eco-friendly jewellery with a conscience is important to us at Zatini. We are very proud to sponsor Go Green Philippines, a sustainable environmental project with a 3-fold objective: RECYCLE natural components to ensure continuing natural sources, REPLENISH what is used and use what is has been replenished, REVITALIZE nature and support the communities. Zatini has sponsored the planting of trees for use in the fashion jewellery industry and endeavors to use recycled materials in their designs.

If you would like to purchase a piece of Zatini jewellery please contact us for a retailer near you.